Welcome! Darwin Domes are an affordable alternative housing idea for people who have always wanted to 
own a dome. 
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This is a 32' dodecahedron dome kit with color coated hubs and struts. The kit consists of the hubs, struts, and dowels for complete frame construction. An easy to understand construction manual is included.
This is a 36 foot dodecahedron kit that has recently been erected. It is ready to be winterized with 3/4" plywood and elastomeric coating. An eight foot square door has been framed and the kit was painted with High Gloss White paint for a pilot project only. There is no need to paint the struts and hubs when constructing a dome. This 36 foot kit would cost $5,300 plus freight.
Domes are the only man-made structure that become proportionally stronger as they increase in size (if the frequency is increased). One or two people can erect the basic structure very quickly, from lightweight pieces. Domes are aerodynamic, withstanding considerable wind loads, such as those created by hurricanes.

This dome is covered with an elastomeric coating that is inexpensive and waterproof.
This picture shows a recently constructed dodecahedron geodesic dome assembled using our kit. It has the elastomeric coating for waterproof protection. Also, there is a second story with a balcony at the rear of the dome.
As the model shown here demonstrates, domes can be erected with many interesting architectural designs. This dodecahedron dome is easily assembled by the owner. With only minor carpentry skills it can be constructed and weatherproofed within a few days.
Dome Pricing:

Diameters up to 24' - $4,500
(using southern pine 2x6 struts) 

Add $200 per diameter foot over 24'
i.e. 32' diameter - $6,100
(freight charges additional)