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Darwin Domes is offering a Wooden Model Kit that has the exact same cuts and number of struts and hubs as all of our full-sized domes. It is put together with only wooden pegs just like the big domes we sell. It is a dodecahedron, 2 frequency, 10 degree deflection, 6/10 sphere, geodesic dome. The model is color-coded and includes all the necessary parts and tools plus easy to understand instructions.

It will allow people, who like to construct and put puzzles together, the opportunity to see what an actual dome is all about. It can be used as an educational tool or an opportunity to see what an actual dome home will be. It lends itself to testing design solutions at a scale before building a full sized dome. It is capable of supporting more than 200 pounds being placed on top of it. It takes on average about 3-4 hours to assemble and provides an incredible feeling of accomplishment when finished.

It is about 25” high and approximately 41.5” wide at the base. The Hubs are 15/32” plywood, the Struts are ¾” x 1-1/4” southern yellow pine and the Pegs are 3/8” poplar dowels. A 42” model is $300.00 plus freight. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. 
This dome manual is my attempt to bring 45 years of dome construction to an easy to understand format for those with little or no knowledge of geometry or trigonometry. I have described the construction of a dodecahedron geodesic dome that can be built by a random individual with only basic skills in carpentry.

The manual describes in the simplest detail how to manufacture and erect this dome. There are no exotic pieces or exotic tools needed. All the parts are available at any big box store or in the debris of a hurricane. Tools needed to manufacture the dome consists of a jig saw, a miter saw, a drill press or some version of them. I have tried to anticipate any and all problems. I am certain that there are places for further clarity and please participate in passing those instances forward.

The manual is full of illustrations and simple drawings of struts and hubs. The dome is secured together with wooden pegs and there are pictures to help.

Over 60 pages insure that many questions are answered. I have tried to keep this manual in a state that does not become too inflated with extraneous jargon or crippling solutions that are at best superfluous.

The manual is available for $100 plus postage and I am always available at 252.717.9292. I accept payment through paypal - rlassi@yahoo.com.